I am proud to bring my training and expertise to the following service offerings, and look very much forward to assist you on your own healing journey


Ayurvedic Consultation

Using observation and dialogue as diagnostic tools, I will assess your health and use pulse and tongue diagnosis to determine your individual constitution from an Ayurvedic perspective. As part of the initial two-hour consultation, I will conduct a complete review of your history and health concerns, lifestyle and symptoms. One week following the initial consultation and during our one-hour findings session, I will present you with a findings report identifying your individual constitution and imbalances. This will also include a treatment plan mapping out recommended healing practices in order to establish balance and maintain health. We will then incrementally integrate the plan into your lifestyle, including a food program, herbal formulations and other practices within the 5 sense therapies of Ayurveda resulting in homeostasis and optimal health

Basic Introduction package includes:

  • 2 hour intake meeting to evaluate medical history, lifestyle, diagnostics
  • 1 hour report of finding meeting to present Doshic constitution and present imbalances. Includes suggested 6-12 month treatment plan layout
  • 3/4 hour follow up consultation after implementing first steps of treatment plan.


Single Follow up consultation: 

  • During a 1 hour visit, we will review and discuss results from treatment, assess progress, look at setbacks and integrate new lifestyle practices according to designed treatment plan.

$ 100.00

Seasonal Cleanse Ritual – Panchakarma

shirodharaAn effective yet subtle way to rid the body and mind of toxins on a cellular level, Panchakarma includes an orientation meeting, a health evaluation and three, five or seven days of treatment, including lunch during treatment days.

During your orientation, I will present you with a home preparation diet and lifestyle program – something that you will follow for five days prior to the cleansing ritual. Following, the detox process begins with daily treatments designed for your individual health that include Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Svedana and others. To restore perfect health and balance in your entire being, I will apply a combination of cleansing and rejuvenating methods.

13 Day Programm includes:

  • initial consultation to determine dosha and imbalance specific treatment
  • 5 day home preparation instructions to prepare for the panchakarma
  • daily check ins and support for the 5 prep days
  • 3 days of purifying and bliss treatments a total of 6 hours of treatment
  • all materials for take home self administered treatments ( like enema )
  • 3 days of Kitchari supply as a mono diet during the treatment days
  • aftercare support and easy to follow instructions for integration

$ 1,400.00

Click here for more info on Panchakarma.

Bliss Therapy

This 2 hour heavenly and highly therapeutic experience consists of  a dry brushing followed by Abhyanga, a warm herbalized oil massage) to rejuvenate the entire nervous system, move lymph and dislodge fat soluble environmental toxins for elimination through the skin, then Shirodhara a blend of warm oil is released consistently over the third eye point to deeply relaxes and restores the central nervous system, relieve stress and deeply relax body mind and spirit


Personal Yoga Instructionae-yoga-pose1

Offering private yoga instruction for the individual or groups. The session includes guided asana practice for the physical aspect, breath work and meditation methods for the body, mind and spirit. Motivational soundbites and instructional cues for a clear understanding will be tailored to your individual needs.
$125 in person house call 75 min


all treatment prices at my facility. Kindly ask for house call prices.

Therapeutic Massage

Drawing from a variety of massage techniques that include Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, Thai massage and sports, I will create a customized session based on your needs and specific conditions.


Long rhythmic strokes deeply relax and restore energetic balance and reestablish the body s homeostasis with this Ayurvedic warm herbalized oil massage that dislodges and picks up fat soluble toxins from the tissues to eliminate them from the body, leaving you feeling restored, relaxed and energized simultaneously.
$120 / hour

Thai Yoga Therapy

An all-encompassing form of healing with residual effects on the entire being, Thai massage is performed on a mat fully clothed in comfortable apparel. It is based on the Buddhist practice of metta or loving kindness with roots in Ayurveda and involves stretching, acupressure and palming on the energy meridians, as well as passive yoga postures.
$100/hour (1.5-hour minimum)

Special Projects


Wellness on the road

I create personalized programs for touring artists, crews and entourages that include yoga instruction, massage therapy and dietary consultations.

Please inquire about rates and experience

  • diet consultation
  • yoga practice
  • massages
  • meditation


Massage therapist at Neil Young’s Annual Bridgeschool Benefit 2002 and 2004


This little girl made Paul McCartney’s dressing room sign which says: your music makes me happy. Eddie Vedder joins the joy. It’s all about the kids and the Bridgeschool during this amazing benefit weekend by Peggy & Neil Young


Wellness on location

I create personalized programs for film cast and crew on location or locally in the Los Angeles area. The programs includes yoga instruction, massage therapy and dietary consultations.

Please inquire about rates and experience.


Massage therapist for cast and crew on the Vancouver set of 2012

Massage therapist ANONYMOUS film set Babelsberg, Berlin

Massage therapist IDR, Albuquerque NM film set

Spa & Beauty Industry


I provide onsite education for your eco-luxury brand in the high-end spa industry, and bring extensive experience and knowledge in skincare, body and Ayurvedic spa brands and lifestyle products.
$450/day (plus all travel, accomodation and meals) travel days $250

Ayurvedic training

With training a key aspect of my expertise, I will train your therapists on Ayurvedic principles and treatments.
$400/day (plus all travel, accommodation and meals )travel days $250

Creative Spa Consulting

Through my extensive travel and work experience in the luxury spa world on a global level, I will help you to identify the right product lines and assortments for your treatments and retail, as well as to consult with you with regards to your spa treatment menu and wellness programs.
Rates on Request


I will custom-design and create workshops for your destination spa or resort on yoga and Ayurveda principles and practices, and health and lifestyle choices. Please inquire for possibilities, content and rates. Please inquire for possibilities, content and rates.

Services are available on site or in-house. prices vary. A travel fee applies to on site visits.