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The Importance of Touch

Humans are hard wired to be touched. It s vital on a mental, emotional and physical level. Touch is the mother of all senses, touch, the first instinctual thing a mother does holding the child after giving birth, or when comforting a loved one in pain or suffering, even just the joy of greeting a […]

Slow Beauty Stories featuring my Ayurveda practice

It s been such a pleasure to collaborate with SPIRITUAL over the years, developing education manuals, protocols for treatments and training their worldwide accounts on their products and services. SPIRITUAL s founder the visionary Shel Pink invited me to be featured on their SLOW BEAUTY blog a while ago, but it s never too late […]


My mantra on a daily  basis is: MAY ALL BEINGS EVERYWHERE BE HEALTHY HAPPY AND FREE!  This is my intention and my wish for all people, regardless where they are on their path. We have to meet each other where we are at and stay open and tolerant about each other. After all, we are […]

40 days of self love

I have recently started a 40 days of self love program, designed and offered by my wonderful life coach and friend Eva Maurice. It’s not about that I already have certain tools and practices in my life, but how regularly do I actually take the time to apply them? Be it meditation, a yoga practice, […]


Hope this finds everybody healthy and happy. For your convenience I am now accepting credit cards for my services. There are new gift certificates available. So much for the formalities…. We are in the midst of an intense time cosmically. New moon and full moon eclipses just happened, venus transit and lots more is going […]

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011! I hope the New Year has started out fantastic for you, wherever you are. In our hemisphere it is wintertime, the Kapha season in Ayurveda. It is cold and moist in qualities, therefore we have to make sure we keep warm and dry. Those times are perfect for rejuvenation therapies, warm oil […]

Fall Equinox

This year the fall equinox and the harvest moon are happening on the same day. This change of season brings with it shorter days, wind, rain, and lower temperatures. In the ayurvedic calendar this is the beginning of Vata season. We hibernate more and after a hot outdoorsy time in the summer, we retreat more […]

Spring Cleanse Panchakarma

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of accumulated environmental toxins and metabolic waste in the body and mind. The ayurvedic Panchakarma cleanse is a mild yet profound way to detox and rejuvenate yourself. Like In nature this is the time of renewal. I offer Panchakarma cleanses here in Los Angeles. Many of my […]