“What an incredible privilege and honor to bring well being and healing to people, and to help raise consciousness on the planet.”

     -Andrea Emmerich

andrea-photo1Born in Germany, I grew up in a household where we cultivated gourmet food and a weekly spa gathering with friends. This was my first introduction to the spa culture and healing therapies such as massage, sauna and bathing. I studied languages and graduated with majors in English and French. From the time I can remember, my family embraced the methods of Integrative Medicine. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, we further expanded our knowledge of alternative healing modalities for his treatment.

Throughout my childhood, my family and I traveled extensively to several continents and many countries. Each experience made an indelible impression on me, knowing from a young age that part of my destiny was to discover the world so much so that during one period of my life I flew worldwide as a flight attendant for Lufthansa German Airlines and have continued to explore the world continuously ever since.

Living in different countries and traveling for work has created an ongoing interest in studying other cultures and relating more to the world. The more you see the less you know! Also a lover of art and photography, I continued my career working in the creative fields of marketing, PR and advertising in the fashion and music industry.

In 1996, I relocated to California. As many may think L.A. is laid back, I found myself immersed in a hectic work life. This led to my search for a more meaningful existence – something that first manifested in my meditation practice. I became a dedicated yogi and immersed myself in consciousness studies, which resulted in sparking a strong interest in bodywork and Ayurveda.

Going back to school in my 30s to become a massage therapist and a certified yoga teacher, I continued to study to become an advanced Thai massage therapist and teacher, as well as a clinical Ayurvedic specialist. In 2001, I began my private practice of Ayurveda, massage and yoga, and the following year I began working in the spa industry as a master educator and consultant for high-end product lines and properties, teaching therapists all over the world.

It is my life’s passion to share knowledge and empower others. I am an environmentalist and an advocate for peace. I reside in Los Angeles and love music, art, nature and food as well as socializing with friends but also spending time in stillness, both in a healthy balance.

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Mission Statement 

Using the wisdom and intelligence of timeless ancient mastery we awaken and restore optimal health and well being for today s busy professionals through dynamic integrativ balancing.