Master in Residence & Ayurveda Training at Spa Grande, Jewel Resorts Jamaica

It s been an honor and a pleasure to partner with the brand new Jewel Grande Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica for their Grand Opening October 2017. The 33,000 sq ft Spa Grande conceptualized and helmed by Jewel Resorts Group Spa Director Sienna Creasy truly is Jamaica s new top destination for healing treatments and rituals, fitness, yoga and a full service salon. It features Jamaica s only Himalayan Salt room,  outdoor mineral baths and a cafe.

Located in a quiet cove outside of Montego Bay, this property sets itself apart with it s brand new world class spa.

Sienna Creasy ( formerly group spa director of Island Outpost Resorts: Goldeneye, The Caves and Strawberry Hills ) carefully recruited an exquisitely skillful spa team. Infused by her enthusiasm, attention to detail and knowledge they are offering world class treatments and services. Besides top shelf skincare brands and product lines, the spa is themed around Jamaica s local herb & plant offerings, featuring it s own fresh herb garden to create an authentic experience.

I have been brought in to train the staff (pictured here) in Ayurvedic Treatments Abhyanga; warm herbal oil massage and Shirodhara; a constant flow of herbal oils on the third eye to balance the nervous system and restore homeostasis. The team, an extension of their strong and soulful leader was a delight to work with and perfected their skills within days of training and practice. I can wholeheartedly say: It s been a delight to work with them all and share my knowledge.

Upon the Grand Opening, which attracted around 600 guests, we kicked off operations with offering a Yoga & Ayurveda workshop including an Asana class led by Sienna and a lecture on ayurvedic daily routines ( by yours truly ). Participants walked away with new tools to integrate into their lives in order to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

I rounded up my stay by offering Ayurvedic treatments and consultations to resort guests as well as locals as their first featured “Master in Residence”

This innovative concept of bringing in Master Practitioners from over the world for a limited timeframe, offers additional experiences for their patrons besides the permanent spa menu choices.

( Thing weekly or daily  specials in a restaurant )

It has been an honor to be featured as the first “Master in Residence” of a continuous series Spa Grande has mapped out and it sure proved to be a big success for the spa and myself alike. I am looking forward to continue collaborating with the amazing Sienna Creasy and the Jewel Resort Properties Spas in the future .

I pride myself with providing excellent Luxury Spa training and it is an honor and a privilege to create & give profound healing spa treatments and experiences….just look at these happy faces……

for inquiries about spa trainings or Master in Residence appearances please go to the contact page here on my website. I look forward to hear from you