Hope this finds everybody healthy and happy.

For your convenience I am now accepting credit cards for my services. There are new gift certificates available. So much for the formalities….

We are in the midst of an intense time cosmically. New moon and full moon eclipses just happened, venus transit and lots more is going on in the universe and you might have felt it in one way or another.

In those times it is important that we nurture ourselves by eating good healthy food, spending time with loved ones and friends, practicing yoga and meditation but also getting some passive relaxation where we can completely surrender without active participation, where we are able go really deeply within and let go.

If you have never tried a Pinda svedana treatment, I highly recommend you to try it. Warm steamed herbal poultices are being massaged along the nadis (energy lines) of the body penetrating deeply into the tissues, deeply releasing tension and toxins and re-alligning your meridians. After a brief consultation an herbal blend appropriate for you will be chosen to melt you into a blissful state of deep relaxation. I look forward to treating you with this ancient ayurvedic remedy.