Fall Equinox

This year the fall equinox and the harvest moon are happening on the same day. This change of season brings with it shorter days, wind, rain, and lower temperatures. In the ayurvedic calendar this is the beginning of Vata season. We hibernate more and after a hot outdoorsy time in the summer, we retreat more indoors and find comfort in cozy warm homes, congregating around the house with family and friends, or taking the time for reflection and going inside.

This dramatic change of seasons is also the perfect time to cleanse the body of toxins accumulated throughout the year. If we do not rid ourselves of toxins on a regular basis they will stay in our deeper tissues and create a perfect breeding ground for dis-ease to develop. If we keep our tissues healthy and cleansed, all our defense systems are strong and we are armed for the harsh winter season to come.

Please call or write to inquire about the Ayurvedic Panchakarma cleanse, an affordable cleanse program based on ayurvedic principles which rids the body of toxins on a cellular level. Please go to the service page and look up Panchakarma information or call for a free orientation.

I look forward to servicing you.

In good health, be well,